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Brewery Safety

Managing Risk and Increasing Profits via an Effective Health And Safety Program

There are many financial benefits to managing your risk and having a focus on safety at your brewery. These include; saving money, reduced insurance and workers comp costs, less equipment down time, minimizing product loss, improving brand equity, more effective work procedures, and sustainability for your brewery.

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Managing the health and safety of all brewery employees is just as important as having a gold medal-winning beer. And like the creation of a gold medal-winning beer, an effective health and safety program requires effort, practice, and a certain skill set.  As with learning how to brew that world-class beer, development and implementation of an effective health and safety program requires an understanding of the rules a regulations regarding a Brewery.

CLAIMS ROB PROFITS!  The cheapest claim for a brewery is the one that never happens. The best way to keep your insurance premiums low over the long term is to minimize the impact of claims on your business. While risk cannot be 100% removed from operating a brewery, there are a variety of ways a brewer or owner, as well as their employees can control their risks and reduce the frequency and severity of claims.

The Brewery Safety Manual will help you visualize and determine an effective health and safety program.

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