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Aug 25

Providing Medical Services and First Aid

An excerpt from our Brewery Safety Program, officially launching on November 1, 2012, follows below.

The Brewery Safety Program will be free to any and all to help breweries improve the safety of their work environment.  You can sign up now and have the program emailed to you the second it is ready. Head on over to our Brewery Safety page to get it started.


Arrangements should be made in advance with an occupational medicine clinic that is capable of addressing the needs of the brewery.  These needs may be pre-employment physicals, respirator user exams, or treatment of occupational injuries and illnesses.  Professional care should be supplemented by a first aid kit that is readily available to employees.  First aid kits must be inspected frequently and kept clean, stocked, and replenished as necessary.  The consulting physician must approve the first aid kit for the brewery to ensure that it has adequate first aid materials.

If the brewery is located within reasonable proximity to a clinic or hospital, is not necessary to train employees in first aid.  If employees have had training or wish to lend Good Samaritan assistance to a fellow employee, then this activity is completely voluntary and need not be encouraged or discouraged.  It is suggested that when employees need to seek medical attention following a work-related injury, they should be transported by taxi if it is a non-emergency.  Emergencies should result in calling 911, and ambulance transport would be used.

Emergency Shower/Eyewash

The brewery has corrosive chemicals that could cause serious damage to the eyes or skin, and for this reason, an emergency shower/eyewash should be installed within 10 seconds of travel time between the brew house and bulk chemical storage areas.  In some cases, this may require more than one emergency shower/eyewash.  The shower/eyewash should be configured so they can be used simultaneously and should have adequate drainage so they can be run frequently to test them and keep fresh water in the pipes.  The shower eyewash is also very useful to help provide first aid in the event of thermal burns.