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Mar 16


LATEST COVID-19 BUSINESS UPDATE As everyone is aware, Governor Newsom is requiring all brewery tasting rooms to be closed to on-site consumption and brewpubs to operate at 50% capacity due to the COVID-19 virus. The CCBA has subsequently sent out a press release: Today the Governor addressed the people of... read more →
Jan 29

Exporting Craft Beer: The Pleasures & the Pitfalls

A couple of decades ago, who would have imagined that American craft beer would be shaping the taste of beer in places like Belgium and Germany? Welcome to 2015: American craft beer exports are on the rise and to a surprising array of countries around the world. This is a... read more →
Aug 08
Jun 10

Avoiding Insurance Audits That Put A Crimp In Your Cash Flow

Breweries run on cash flow. Purchasing raw materials, new equipment and making payroll are top of mind, but one often neglected item can put a serious crimp in your cash flow for a couple months making brewing life more difficult...Insurance Audits.  Below, I outline how to best avoid big audits... read more →
Dec 03

Workers Comp Series: Keeping Your Claims Experience Low

Nothing can keep your insurance costs low like having a clean workers compensation claim history. How can you have a Workers’ Comp claim without increasing the losses on your policy? The answer: First Aid Claims. While that is often out of your control when it comes to a claim with any... read more →
Oct 22

Trademark Tips for Microbreweries

Over on JD Supra, a legal magazine website, is an excellent article on Trademark registration. The article is written by Nancy PHam with Lane Powell PC, a law firm in the Pacific Northwest.  Below is an excerpt of the article with a link to the full text as well. "For... read more →
Oct 05

Friday Roundup: Brewery Links Worth Your Attention

Over the last week or so, I have come across some links that are either informative or entertaining, and all have to do with beer or breweries. The first one is about how some breweries have used their websites' "under 21" redirect and sent underage kiddies off to various more... read more →
Oct 04

Seismic Support System for Barrel Racks

All my clients know that I insist that they take a look at earthquake insurance. It is absolutely essential to the long-term survival of your brewery.  However, I will save the scary earthquake scenarios and important coverages for another blog post because I have an awesome video I found to show... read more →
Sep 25

Terminating an employee for a fraudulent work comp claim?

If you are in the insurance business, it doesn't take long until you discuss “fraudulent claims” with a client. Several times a year I field this issue with a client and it certainly is a delicate issue. Before discussing procedure, understand that this is as much of an emotional issue as it... read more →
Sep 02

Are Volunteers Covered Under Your Workers’ Compensation Policy?

Brewery owners often ask me if volunteers are covered on their workers compensation policies. Start-up breweries often use friend and family volunteer labor in order to keep costs low. Other breweries like to give back and help aspiring brewers hone their craft.  Others exchange work with a volunteer. For example, a... read more →