BeerA couple of decades ago, who would have imagined that American craft beer would be shaping the taste of beer in places like Belgium and Germany? Welcome to 2015: American craft beer exports are on the rise and to a surprising array of countries around the world. This is a welcome development in the craft beer industry and in the American economy, without question. But exporting craft beer does carry some risks that brewers need to know about.

Look Before You Leap

In such a highly competitive and fast growing industry, enthusiastic brewers who are considering the export market should first understand that exporting beer brings about additional liability.Read More

microbrewery insurance food truckFood trucks are a great way for breweries to get more patrons to their tasting room.  Patrons that are able to eat at your tasting room will likely stay longer, bring more people with them and drink another beer or two.  It is a win-win for the breweries and food trucks.  But have you considered the additional liability you may be taking on and how to protect yourself?

When you allow a food truck onto your property or give them the express permission to patronize on the public street outside your brewery, you are taking on what is called Vicarious Liability. This means that based on your permission and implicit recommendation to your clientele to eat at these food trucks, you can also be liable for damages they cause.  Food poisoning, an auto accident, a slip and fall from oil spilled from their vehicle are possible examples.Read More

Breweries run on cash flow. Purchasing raw materials, new equipment and making payroll are top of mind, but one often neglected item can put a serious crimp in your cash flow for a couple months making brewing life more difficult…Insurance Audits.  Below, I outline how to best avoid big audits and keep your cash flow flowing.

First, your liability policy premium is based on your brewery’s revenue and your work comp policy premium is based on your brewery’s payroll.  At year end, these insurance policies are audited by the carrier to ensure they received enough premium to cover your exposure. If you overstated your revenue and payroll at the beginning of the policy, you get a refund. If revenue and payroll were understated, you owe the carrier more money.

In the current craft beer environment where revenue and payroll are growing as fast as can be, there are never refunds.  Read More

Nothing can keep your insurance costs low like having a clean workers compensation claim history. How can you have a Workers’ Comp claim without increasing the losses on your policy? The answer: First Aid Claims. While that is often out of your control when it comes to a claim with any severity, you can pay for medical care for minor injuries directly to the medical provider.

As with any regulation, there are a list of qualifications you must know in order to navigate what is and what isn’t a first aid claim.

First Aid, as defined by the California Labor Code and Regulations, is any one-time treatment, and any follow-up visit, for the purpose ofRead More

If you are in the insurance business, it doesn’t take long until you discuss “fraudulent claims” with a client. Several times a year I field this issue with a client and it certainly is a delicate issue.

Before discussing procedure, understand that this is as much of an emotional issue as it is procedural.  Business owners feel violated in this situation. Below is what I hear from clients in this situation.

  1. They feel as if they are being stolen from (time, money).
  2. They resent having to keep this person employed while on the claim.
  3. They are afraid and unsure of how to proceed. Someone who would file a fraudulent claim would certainly file a fraudulent lawsuit if they are fired.

These feelings of anger and fear are understandable and warranted. Let’s discuss how to proceed before any rash moves are made.Read More

Brewery Volunteers - Work Comp CoverageBrewery owners often ask me if volunteers are covered on their workers compensation policies. Start-up breweries often use friend and family volunteer labor in order to keep costs low. Other breweries like to give back and help aspiring brewers hone their craft.  Others exchange work with a volunteer. For example, a volunteer who is an IT expert gives the brewery IT support in order to be able to learn the craft of brewing. Whatever the reason for using volunteers, you are exposing yourself to uncovered medical claims if you don’t ensure they are covered on your workers’ comp policy.

So, what’s the answer? Are they covered? Well, Read More