There is no glamour in insurance. There is no cable show about insuring multi-million dollar homes or late night show called “The Biggest Insurance Claims and Those That Insure Them.” And frankly, I prefer that. But there are some coveted jobs in insurance and I can tell you, being the “brewery insurance guy” is one of them.

I love insuring breweries. My beer drinking adventures at beerfests and industry conferences are tax-deductible. So is some of the research I do before I meet a new brewery, a.k.a., drinking their beer.  When I meet other agents at stuffy insurance conferences and tell them that I specialize in insuring breweries, they look at me like I am a genius.  Best of all, I get to know amazing people who took their passion for great beer and bet their future on building a dream. And I get to know the head brewers, safety managers, HR managers and CFOs that love being a part of something special.

Truly, I am living my dream, insuring your dream.

I hope you enjoy the site that my team and I have put together. This site is dedicated to protecting and growing your business.

Let me introduce you to the Brewery Insurance Program team:

John Hoefer

That’s me. I take the questions my brewery clients have and answer them on this blog. I also discuss the important aspects of insurance you may not know to ask. My goal is to take difficult insurance questions and concepts and make them easy to understand. This way, you have actionable information you can use to protect your business, whether I am your broker or not. A bit about me? Every Friday evening, I buy a bottle of Stone Brewery’s Smoked Porter, my favorite beer. And then I drink it. If you want some we are going to need two bottles.

Sonya Kemp, SPHR

Sonya is our human resources expert. She has held positions at national and international businesses as one of their top HR specialists. If there is an HR question, she knows the answer and the latest laws, rules and regulations that affect the HR issue. She is one of the nicest people you would ever meet, but don’t mess with her. She is also an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University who teaches human resources and she can make you sit back down in your seat and behave. This is why companies trust and hire her to get personally involved with difficult employee relations issues.

Sean Nitzen, ARM

Sean is a claims advocate and safety/risk manager. This means that he is up on all of the OSHA and other safety training issues and can help improve the safety of a brewery’s operations. When a claim does happen, he has 15 years of experience in keeping the claim’s cost in control and reducing the impact on our clients’ future insurance premiums. It’s a great combination of experience that our clients love. And, while we can all read, Sean is the only one I know who has written a book. You can find his book, 8 Steps to a Winning Workers Comp Program, on Amazon here.

Ken LaCroix, MBA

Ken is a master at finance metrics and showing small to mid-sized businesses how to reach their full potential. Helping high-growth companies scale their finance department from a bookkeeper to a VP of Finance and then CFO is his specialty. With his in-depth knowledge of accounting systems, he can show you how managing your books actually gives you crucial insight into your business and allows you to plan for the future. Raised in Louisiana with a Southern gentleman’s charm, values and gregariousness, Ken makes financial discussions seem fascinating and fun. I have yet to see him in a seersucker suit, however.


If you have a question for one of us or would like to discuss a pressing issue, give us a call at (855) BREW-INS (273-9467) or email us here